Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stress makes blisters .. not beads ....

Time for a catch up I think :)

Sorry I've not updated daily over the weekend, but my head has just been swimming with so many things.

I shall attempt a catch up blog though :)

Saturday ....

I didn't really do much on Saturday :)
I managed to farm out my youngest all day, until Sunday, so that gave me some much needed peace and quiet :)

I did decide to try to use the time productively and make beads ... not a good idea ! I had a water pot full of broken rejects and a burn on my thumb .... the moral of this little tale ? NEVER lampwork when you are exausted (sp?) and stressed !

I cancelled my class with Anouk ... I figured that it was better to lose the £50 deposit than try to find the extra £100, and then worry about not managing to pay all the bills.

I did, however have a lovely ray of sunshine ... I shan't say who, but a mystery benefactor made it possible for me to go after all !
My heartfelt thanks go out to that person .. they really are very special !

So my Saturday ended on a more positive note than it began ...  I think I was in bed by 9.oo ... I was totally knackered !

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