Thursday, 13 January 2011

Oh how one day can differ from another !!!

Meh ... yesterday turned out to be a pretty naff day for portraits ... but then I suppose we all have our up days and our not so up days .

Ironically, yesterday would have been the perfect beading day as my 2 youngest go to their Nan's straight from school for their tea..... and true to form, I couldn't make a single half decent portrait bead ... and then to add insult to injury, I ran out of one of my staple colours too, so I had to stop trying anyway.

Ahh well ... at least it gave me a good excuse to go and browse Tuffnells for some more glass :)

And then just to top off an already frustrating day .... I find that I have been taken to court by severn trent for unpaid water bills .... WHICH I HAVE BEEN PAYING OFF WITH MY WATERCARD !!!!!

So beading was definitely out by this point ... so I took my frustrations out on the kitchen instead ... I shall go to the CAB next week and get them to sort it out ... I just don'[t have the energy to deal with this kind of thing right now.

At least I managed to round my evening off nicely, chatting with my lovely friends in Etsy team chat .. so at least I went to bed in a much better mood :)

Today has been MUCH better :)

I have actually had a productive beading day today ... I made a few sets, a couple of heart try outs and I FINALLY made a portrait ready for sale ..... I'm surprised at just how much I am dictated to by my mood, when it comes to beading ... yesterday I couldn't make a single portrait ... and today ... well I only made 1 portrait as I had to wait on my glass delivery ( which turned up so soon !), but it's a good one, and hopefully I'll have my first happy portrait customer real soon .... I still have quite a few to make though, as I already have a really busy portrait list ... as they're so new, I'm still flying by the seat of my pants with these beads, so I have to do lots of test beads before the final bead is made .... I'm getting there with them now though, I think :)

Dad called round today too.... he usually does on a thursday and it's always nice to see him :)
Today though, he pinched one of my first portrait experiments to show one of his friends ... he'd better bring her back ... she's mine ! LOL
And I'm also really glad that I happened to get some bracelets out to show him, as he's decided to buy one of them for his wife's birthday ;D

So all in all it's been a good day :)

Even better, my OH had an interview with an agency today too ... they have a VERY low opinion of both the company he was working for AND the agency that supplies them... so with any luck, his recent experience won't count against him ... we just have to wait now I suppose, and he needs to keep looking too !

Things are slowly moving in the right direction I think ... I know things won't be back to normal over night, but I am feeling more positive about it now :)

He STILL needs training up in the 'doing stuff to help out' stakes though ... might give him a butt kick tomorrow and make him do the dishes, etc .... ;)

I have no piccies to share tonight, but will have tomorrow after much bead cleaning and etching :)
See you tomorrow then :) xx

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