Thursday, 6 January 2011

New designs ......

Helloo :)

I'm sorry I forgot to blog last night. I got waylayed in Etsy team chat until some ungodly hour ! I blame George and Kay ;)

I had a really productive kind of day yesterday, had lots of ideas and made something new, but today has been a really bad day, so I am going to cut tonight's blog short, so I don't get too hung up on negative stuff ... I am determined that I will have a more positive head on by tomorrow ... Promise ;)

For now I shall leave you with a couple of pictures from yesterday ...

and I shall remake better, cleaner versions of these real soon ... my mind's eye idea is kind of happening slowly :)

Catch you tomorrow :) Night night x

1 comment:

  1. I think the bead is aDORable! I'd love to get to the stage I could make one of my little mon...cutie ;)

    I love the polymer clay pieces... I think the ''dirtier'' versions appeal to me precisely because they are drrrrty :D Something very tactile about all the pieces :)