Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The start of a new love affair ??

quick catch up for today :D

Nipped into town .... which was nice :)
Nipped to Costa for a latte .... which was even nicer ;D

Came home and had a play with some DH Clio and Kalypso .... which was just FAB ! ;D

Here are today's results ... well the best of the bunch anyway :D

and my second ever big hole bead .. the shaping's a wee bit wonky though. I think I was scared that I'd burn the colour out if I carried on heating it ...

Oh and I finally got rid of a manky old armchair out of my kitchen this evening... I have a new corner to fill with new junk now ;D

There ... my day in a nutshell ... tomorrow is portrait day... I am SO looking forward to it :D

Night night xxx


  1. Great beads Les, and the colours are spot on!!!

  2. beautiful glowing colours, so luscious!

  3. Thanks :) This must be a really easy glass to work, as I found the colours just happened really easily .. on the whole, hehe