Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A cheeky purchase

I was so pleased to have a good run of sales this morning, so I decided to take the plunge and buy this ...

Can't wait to have a play !!!!!!!

I'm hoping for some nice beads to list for sale tomorrow too ... I shall need to replace what I have spent today, so that I can pay some bills... I can be so naughty sometimes !!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mini Visual journey ...

I just thought ( for posterity ) that I'd leave myself a mini visual diary of the way that my Matryoshka's have progressed .... I wonder where I will take them ? I can't seem to stop making them at the moment ...

Here is the fabric that first inspired me ...

Here are the first 2 I tried to make ... not great, but a start ...

Here are the rest ...

Phew ... there ... that's pretty much all of them.
All in one spot for me and maybe others to look back on :)

Have a lovely day all xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Went for a walk in the countryside ....

It's been a little while since I posted a blog .... I think that sometimes, I just get stuck in the day to day routine of trying to work ... clean house and see to the kids, and I forget to think about things.

This tuesday was different though :) My lovely friend, Milton, took me out for the day and we went for a ramble through some beautiful Shropshire countryside. Now, Shropshire ( I am sorry to admit), has never really got me too fired up before. I now know that the reason is purely that it's a county I have never visited before, and so I have never had the chance to appreciate.

We were blessed with a beautiful day on Tuesday ... the sun was up and the sky was blue, pretty much all day.
We started by having a wander around the gorgeous little town of Much Wenlock.
The place is just beautiful !!!! Lots of lovely old and quaint buildings, and the ruins of an Abbey could be peered at over a high wall. Shame the Abbey ruins were closed really ... they'll be open in April though.

Here's a picture I found on the net ..... it'd be lovely to go back and walk around the place when it's open to the public though ..

After a slap up breakfast in a lovely little cafe, we went for a drive up to Wenlock Edge.
What a lovely, lovely place to wander around ... we went on a walk along the edge, up past an old quarry, and caught some beautiful views through breaks in the trees, down into the valley.
Shame we couldn't get a picture really, but it was just fantastic looking down and watching two red kites below in the valley, hunting ... just awesome !!

I decided to do the artsy black and white thing with this view down into the valley...

After walking along the Edge, we decided to drive through Church Stretton and up the Long Mynd .... it was absolutely gorgeous up there .... my kind of countryside ... much more hilly and open to the elements.
We even saw someone's hang gliding rig sitting there ... the owners were in a car drinking hot coffee .... waiting for the right wind, I suppose 

This is The Long Mynd ... taken by a proper photographer ( searched on google)

And here is one taken with my point and shoot, hehe

And here's the rig and wind sock ... see how windy it was !...

All in all I had the best day out !!! A great mate ... plenty of fresh air and some much needed exercise !!

Here are a few more pics I wanted to share, and then a couple of beads that I felt inspired to make ...

And some beads ...

I had a wonderful day out ... took some lovely photographs to remember it by ... I ached SO much as I am SO out of shape, but it was worth the aches for the inspiration gained :)

Thanks for letting me share a lovely day with you :)

lesley xx