Monday, 3 January 2011

Rather chilled sunday .....

Oh blimey ! I forgot to post last night ... I'm sorry about that ... I was really busy yesterday evening with family stuff, and was beat and off to bed by 10pm. I have no staying power  :-\

Well I shall make a cuppa then sit down and find something interesting to say, hehe ... back with coffee in a min :)

BACK ! :)

Well ..... Today has been yet another of those stay at home and potter days ... the one nice things was that I actually got to lie in bed for a bit this morning ;D I got up at 10.30 .... wow !

I must have stayed in my PJ's and dressing gown until sometime after lunch today, hehe ... oh how lazy I felt :P

We had scrummy scrambled egg on toast for lunch and I pretty much spent the afternoon pottering between the kitchen and the computer.
One thing I did find though, were some cool poly clay tutorials on youtube :) They're pretty basic really ... striped canes and buttons, etc, but I am going to have a go and see what I can make after I have written today's blog entry :)
The thing I am liking about poly clay is that I can chill out on the sofa, by the coffee table to do it, and not have to freeze in a draughty kitchen :D

I did stumble upon this lady's work while I was browsing though .,...

Here's a link to her page ...

Well I can dream, can't I ? :P

Anyway .. I shall save you from my ramblings for now. I should go and get some clay out for a play ... Kids go back to school tomorrow, and I need to get their stuff ready too... yipppeee :D

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend ?  .. see you tomorrow :)


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