Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Freedom and the odd bus crash .....

Woo what a day :)

The kids have had a lovely Christmas break this year, but boy am I glad they're back at school today !

I woke at a ridiculous hour this morning ... it must have been about 4.30 ish ... it was WAY before 5, I know that much ... anyway, 2 paracetomol and a strong coffee later had me feeling at least human, lol.
The thought that I'd soon be able to go into town with no kids in tow and enjoy a relaxing latte in Costa also helped ;)

By 20 past 6 I had finished cleaning and packaging beads, ready for the post office .. go me ! ;D

It was a fab, but cold morning today though ... I got a real surprise to see snow when I opened the door this morning ! I do love the snow ;D ..... of course, the kids had to tell me off for doing skids down the pavement ;D ;D ;D Weeeeeeee

In town I treated myself to a decent scalpel (for more poly clay play) from the craft shop .. oh it's the small things that keep me happy :P I browsed through so many books too, but nothing jumped out at me .. this tells me that I just need to stick to what I have going on now ... and also saved me a heap of money I can't really afford to spend, hehe :)

I was dying to get home and have a go with my new knife .... and guess what ... the bl**dy bus decides to hit a car on a junction .... damn fool driver !!!! Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but blimey ! The scraping noise was just awful !
We were there for ages on that freezing bus, waiting to see if our details needed taking ... but no, and we were on our way again.

Anyway ... long and short of it ... I finally have an appalling photo of my first clay experiments ;D
They really are nothing to write home about, but I managed to make a cane, which was fun, and I had a go at skinner blends too :D

It had gone dark when I took this picture, but I hoe it gives you a rough idea of where I am going with this ...

For first attempts, I am really pleased with myself, but I need bigger blocks of fimo really, I only have those small 1/2 block sized packs of each colour at the moment ... ho hum ... all in good time eh :)

Well I'll leave you with those first experiments, and also a video with a really nice song that I have just been watching on you tube ... it's a cool song called 'Kings and Queens', by 30 Seconds to Mars ... and of course, it features some World of Warcraft, which I fully intend to be playing tomorrow night :)

Night night ... sleep well xx


  1. I like the round one on the far right, looks like Zebra patterning :O)

    Laney x

  2. Thank you :) Yeh it does a bit, doesn't it :)