Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Brighter days and beady progress !

Sunday was a much better day :)

I'd spent the previous couple of days feeling gutted that I may have to shelve the business, but after much butt kicking by my wonderful glassy friends, I thought No ! I won't go down !!!

So scary decision made ... even if I have to be the breadwinner, I am going to give it a shot !

Decision made, I started to make some test beads for a new Etsy service (suggested by a couple of fellow artists), offering portraits of people on beads :)

The one I tried just as a boredom bead has really started something !
I already have some commissions to be working on... and here .. let me share with you a couple of my test beads from sunday's session at the torch ..

If you've already seen them, then I shall apologise now for repeating myself ;)

For the first time in AGES, I am starting to feel positive about glass working again .. I can't tell you how good it feels :)

So at least I went to bed a lot happier on Sunday night :)

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  1. I think these beads are great, and can't wait to see more! They'd make great gifts!