Sunday, 10 October 2010

I had the most fantastic of fridays !

I had the most brilliant day on Friday !
I spent the day with a bunch of lovely, funny and talented glass artists at Diana East's studio, near Leicester.

The journey there and back was so much fun too ! I travelled with Kaz, Lorna and the two Dianes (glass people will know who I mean) ... and we had an absolute hoot !!! I haven't laughed so much in ages !

I had never been to Diane's studio before ... it's such a wonderful place ! It had such a lovely atmosphere .. we even had a marquee up out the back too. It was like a mini flame off !

There were so many lovely beads on display, both in cabinets and for sale... I just wish I could have bought some !

The facilities at the studio are just awesome too ... lots of torches and a really user friendly space to work in too.

I was also very fortunate to get to see a bead making demo by Astrid Riedel ... her work is just so beautiful ! It left me really wanting to try to get to know my nemesis again .... silver glass !

It was lovely to see Teresa and Martin again too ... and especially Emma Green ... I do love that girl... she's the best ! She's also enrolled me to help out at April's flame off again ... she just kind of forgot to tell me, lmao ..... but that means that my ticket is sorted ! All I need to sort out now is how to get there... it's all coming together !

And Kay .... Special Kay, and her fellatio ;OP It was SO lovely to see her again too... laugh ? I nearly wee'd !!!

Oh and the fudge ..... how can I not mention the DELICIOUS handmade fudge that I bought..... it didn't survive for very long, hehehe ....

All in all, I had the most wonderful day ... I have some of the best friends that anyone could ask for.... I also have the most talented friends too... they all inspire me to better myself, which I will endeavour to do :)

Anyway ... I am rambling again ... so I shall just share a few photo's taken on the day, of some fantastic people :)

If you're a glass artist, you'll probably recognise some faces :)
Bye for now ... Les xx

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  1. Was lovely to spend some time with you. Just wish we could see eachother more often. Love em xx