Thursday, 7 October 2010


I walked to school in the autumn mist this morning ... I love this time of year ! The leaves are all on the turn ... the berries are heavy on the bushes, and the morning air smells so much fresher than it does in the summer.

I am feeling the influence of autumn in my work too... I am feeling drawn to the wonderful, scrummy and warm shades of glass.... Adobe... Stoneground ... Olive green ... GORGEOUS deep red browns ... rich and vibrant shades of Orange .. they're all just so delicious ! And, of course, the all sit SO well with my little viking creations too !

The kids... well mostly my daughter, Poppy, are looking forward to all the fun that Autumn brings... Halloween ... Bonfire night ... fireworks and sparklers with Grandad. I love it too... probably more than they do !

I especially love the chilly nights, as it gives me the perfect excuse to light a fire and chill out in the evenings :)

Anyway.. I am rambling somewhat here .. so for those who don't really know me, here's a quick introduction :

My name is Lesley
I am 39 years old
I am a mum of 3 children ... aged 9, 12, and 19
I am a self employed glass bead maker / glass artist .. whatever you want to call it
I live with my partner in the Midlands, United Kingdom
I have 2 beautiful cats
I have far too much housework to do
I wish I had more time to enjoy things like reading, or baking with the kids
I'm originally from the Peak District area, and still miss it like crazy
I fully intend to grow old disgracefully
I must lose some weight
I have the best friends anyone could ask for
I play World of Warcraft ( and yes you can stop rolling your eyes at me... it's awesome fun)

Anyway .. just to tie up my opening ramble, here are just a few pictures that kind of describe me, in a rambly, roundabout way .....

I'm off to a fabulous studio to meet lots of amazing and talented friends tomorrow.. hopefully I'll remember to take some photographs

Have a lovely day... x

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