Thursday, 12 January 2012

Slacking again !!!

I keep trying ... I keep forgetting ... But I won't give up !

I haven't posted for a while, but I just thought I'd give you a mega quick update as to where I am at in January 2012 :)

I had a fantastic Yule ... followed by a great Christmas ... rounded off with a lovely, chilled New Year :)

Getting back into beading has been very slow, but I think I am finally beginning to gain some momentum.
Accounts must be done next week, but I shall be back at the torch once they're all done :)

Right ... present day stuff :)

I am slowly but surely beginning to make improvements to my health ... I have started walking with Rob.
I don't mean doing the whole getting off the bus a stop early ... round to the shop, etc, but some proper Peak District walking ... I am loving it !!! It does, however, highlight just how unfit I have become over the years.

Rob and me were talking last week, and decided on a goal ... a really challenging, but tangible goal .... Hopefully, by May this year, I will be walking up Mount Snowdon ! A challenge like this calls for some serious getting fit, so we are getting out and about and taking on some more challenging (well for me), walks.
I have noticed an improvement in my overall fitness over the past 6 months, so now it's time to start pushing myself :)

Although I am REALLY bad at maintaining this blog, I have decided to set up a new blog, just to document my progress between now and my Snowdon attempt. More for my own benefit I think, but I'd also like to share any progress I make, just to prove that if I can do it, then maybe you can :)

I am 40 years old ... I smoke ... I am overweight, but I do like my food and the odd beer, I have a bad back most days, and my knees are a wee bit buggered ... I am still determined that I can do it though !

I won't necessarily waffle on, on this new blog ... I want to share links to the walks that I attempt, week by week ... I may add photo's too .... more than anything else, I'd like to have a visual record of the places I have walked and the fitness I have gained :)

So off I trot to set up a new blog page .. You don't have to follow it really though ... but I thought it would just be nice to share places and progress with you guys :)

Off I pop ... I shall leave you with a couple of recent photo's ...

Solstice sunrise at Arbor Low, Derbyshire

December snow at The Roaches

The Roaches on a grey day


  1. Goodluck for the walking!
    some people forget how beautiful the British countryside can be. So I am looking forward to the pictures.

    Take Care

  2. Your pictures are lovely - they almost make me want to get out there in the cold myself!