Monday, 26 September 2011

Cherries and other assorted jiggery pokery ....

I'm thinking about starting a new line in some simple, but funky jewellery ... like this cherry necklace I've just finished as a commission for a friend ....

I'm thinking cherries ... strawberries ... maybe Halloween and other holidays .... what do you think ?
I know times are hard and money is scarce, but we all still need a little colour in our lives, don't we eh ? 

Please let me know via the comment box below this post whether you think a basic range would be a nice idea :)

I  shall make a pendant and hold a random draw for a freebie :)
I'll hold a random draw of all the people who have commented their thoughts after this post at the end of the week .... that'll be September 30th :)


  1. some of your more complex beads are beautiful.
    however, there can be beauty in simplicity also - and basic block colour jewellery is attractive to perky goffs, kawaii fans and kiddies alike. So go for it!

  2. I think that's a good idea. I know I always feel more cheered up when I wear jewellery I know someone has made especially for me, and I know that people who make jewellery always appreciate it when someone wears a piece they have created :) Go for it - you'll never know if it'll work until you try it! Best of luck with it xxxx

  3. Just found you and your beads via Trish latimer's beads and beyond web project using your cute birdies, which I loved. I really like your cherry pendant. I think a simple jewellery range, especially one that showcases your be ass, is a good idea. It's such a hard market but if it's pretty and unique, then your jewellery should hold its own. Go for it!